The ABC Rap Alphabet Movie

Nakerria's ABC Rap Movie

Open Paint (Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint).

Make sure the document size is set to 750 by 750 following the steps below:

Click on Image and select Attributes:


At the attributes dialog box set the width and the height to 750:

Attribute Settings

To create a colored background, select a the foreground color Color you wish your background to be then select the fill with color tool Fill Tool und click over the canvas to fill the canvas with that color.

To type and format text

You can only enter text into an image when you are in normal view. To display the normal view, on the View menu, point to Zoom, and then click Normal size.

  1. In the toolbox, click TextText.
  2. To create a text frame, drag the pointer diagonally to the size you want.
  3. On the text toolbar, click the font, size, and style you want for the text. If the text toolbar is not displayed, on the View menu, click Text Toolbar. You can drag the toolbar to any location in the window.
  4. Type your text. You can also paste text into a text box, but not graphics.
  5. The color of the text is defined by the foreground color Color. To make the background of the text transparent, click Transparent. To make the background opaque and defined by the background color, click Opaque.

You can enter text in a text box only once. When you click outside the box, the text is converted to a graphic image and you cannot make it active again. To change the color of the text, click a color in the color box. To undo up to three changes, on the Edit menu, click Undo for each change.

You are going to make a text picture for the letters of the alphabet. The first picture you will type:

A is for _________ (example: apple, airplane, alligator).

Here is what I have so far. It is sized smaller than its actual size.


Next you will decorate your text so that it more appealing. First zoom in on your text by clicking View > Zoom > Custom:

View Custom

Select a zoom size then click OK.

Custom Zoom

Now you will begin decorating each of your letters by using lines, rectangles, circles, spray paint, brush, pencil etc. Below is an example of a name decorated in paint. Check your rubric for how many points are assigned for this step!


Now you need to save it as a jpg. Click File > Save As:


and choose jpeg as the file extension shown below:


Assign it the name A is for. Make sure you save it to your folder.

Now you will need to find a picture that goes along with the letter of the alphabet. You can use clipart from Microsoft Word or you can get a picture from the Internet. Start a new paint canvas the same dimension as your alphabet letter. If using a picture from the Internet you will need to save it to your folder. You need to give it a background color and also add some decorative art to it to give it some pizzazz.

To insert your picture:

If you are using clipart from Microsoft Word, simply click on the picture then click Edit > Copy, return to Paint and select Edit > Paste.

If using a picture from the Internet, save the picture to your folder. In the toolbox, click Select Select and then drag the pointer to define an area for the inserted file. On the Edit menu, click Paste From. Locate and double-click the file you want to insert. Drag the image file to position it correctly, and then click outside the selection. The paint project I did is shown below but is much smaller than the original:


You will also create additional slides for the lyrics at the beginning of the song. To see these lyrics click here.

ABC Rap Audio File