Getting to Know the Presidents/ An Ask and Analyze Database Activity
Lesson Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric


Continue entering the information below in your table:

Field Name
 Data Type
Presidential #
   Long Interger
number Presidential order
Last Name
text  Last name of President
First Name
text  First name of President
text Presidents Party Affiliation
text Nickname of President
Year of Birth
year Year President was born
Year of Death
year Year of Presidents death
Term in Office
text Number of terms the President served
text Decade of Presidential term
Other Positions
text Other positions held before Presidency
Major Accomplishments
text Major Accomplishments made during his lifetime
OLE  object Picture of President
Wars During Office
text Wars fought during term in office if any.   Write none if there was not a war fought during this time.

Now you have your table set up.  Save your file as Presidential Information following the directions below:

Close your table.  Your primary key will be presidential number so you will not need to name it.  It is automatically named as your first field entry name. After saving it, close the table.

Designing a Form:

Now you will design a Form for entering information into the table. 

Access Form

Form Style

At this time you can drag your boxs in the form around to make the form appear the way you want it to. Make any other changes you would like to the form in Design view, either by selecting and dragging objects to display fields words or by dragging objects to different locations.  To drag objects, you must select them (you will see a small hand appear which when clicked on will move the object on the page). You can drag out the form boxes to make them larger or drag them around the form to get the appearance you want. My form in design view is shown below:

Form in Design View

Formatting Pictures Using the Properties Option:

To prevent images you imported into the database from being clipped or distorted, follow the directions below:

Picture Selected

View Picture Properties

Picture Zoom

Save then close the database.  Now you can create records for each president.  Double click on your form tab titled Presidents of the United States, then begin entering your information that is found on the following web pages:

Double Click Form

Your form should look like the form shown below:

Fill in Form

If there is no information available for one of the form boxes, simply leave it blank. For example, if there was no war fought during the presidential term, simply leave it blank.

Inserting a Picture in a Form:

Click in the picuture box in the form:

Picture Box

Click Insert > Object:

Insert Object

At the Microsoft Office Access dialog box choose Microsoft Clip Gallery from the dropdown list:

Insert Clipart

In the search box type George Washington.

Clip Gallery

Choose the clipart of George you want to use then click the insert button. It will now appear in your form.

George Inserted in Form

FYI: To sort your records, open your database table. Click in the first column, the column that contains the Presidential #, then click Reccords > Sor t> Sort Ascending:

Sort Ascending

The American Presidency

 Homework Spot/Presidents

Portraits of the President and First Lady

The Internet Public Library/Presidents of the United States

United States Presidents Trivia

Now your records should be sorted form the first to last president.

Assignment 2:
Click on the worksheet below and save it to your folder. You will now generate queries to answer the questions on this worksheet.

Presidential Questions

A query is a set of criteria you specify to retrieve certain data from a database. You will be graded not only on your answered worksheet, but on your saved queries as well.

Creating Queries:

To create a query, complete the following steps:

New Query

Query Design View

Democrat Query

Every question will have a query and should be saved and named as indicated in each questions. You will be graded for each one.

Inserting calculations can be burdensome, however, with the build button (the one that looks like a magic wand), it can be a snap. After inserting all your fields, when calculations need to be made, all you do is click in the criteria cell under the field, then click the build button, and type or choose the calculations needed to get your end result.

Criteria Guidelines:

Is Null-diplays data that is left blank. Example, if you did not enter data in the date of death field, you are saying that the president is still alive.

The sign > means greater than.

The sign < means less than.

The sign = means equal to.

Not operator-Not T* will find all data in that field whose names doesn't begin with T, or Not 2 will find data whose ID isn't 2.

Or operator-displays data in either of the two fields. "London" or "Hedge End."

#2/2/95#-displays data only on that day.

In operator-displays data in that particular circumstance. In("Canada", "UK")

Like operator-Like "S*"recognizes data whose name starts with the letter S. The * is a called a wild card in a query.

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