Access Challenge/Creating an Access Database
Author: Patricia Janann Nicholson
Curriculum Area: Instructional Technology
Subject Area: Computer Applications II
Sunshine State Standard Benchmark:
  • Demonstrate the use of sequential and logical planning to describe the tasks, resources, and timelines necessary for the completion of specified projects.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of varied input and output devices, and awareness of file management and transfer concepts.
  • Set up several types of database files; organize and analyze collected data; and produce reports for specified projects.
    • LA.B.2.4.2-organize information using appropriate systems.
    • MA.E.1.4.1-interpret data that has been collected, organized, and displayed in charts, tables, and plots.
  • Demonstrate effective access strategies and appropriate use of the Internet and electronic communications to gather and share information used in specified projects.
    • LA.A.2.4.6-select and use appropriate study and research skills and tools according to the type of information being gathered or organized.
  • Demonstrate the use of productivity and multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal effort, group collaboration, and learning throughout the curriculum for specified projects.
    • LA.B.2.4.4-select and use a variety of electronic media, such as the Internet, information services, and desktop-publishing software programs, to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.


Grade Level: 9th-12th
Lesson Title: Access Challenge
An Ask and Analyze Database Activity
Resources: Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues:
Learning Objective:

Students will:

  • create a table in design view.
  • enter fields, using the correct format and size.
  • create a form using the wizard and setting the fields to display appropriately on the form.
  • enter presidential data into the form from designated web sites.
  • generate quarries to answer questions.
Instructions: Students will follow the instructions provided at Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues Webpage. Finished product will included items listed in the grading rubric listed below.
Assessment Grading Rubric