Adding a Google Calendar to Your Page

Log into your GMail Account. At the top left side of your page you will see a link that reads "Calendar."


Click on this link. This will take you to your Google Calendar. You will see that you are logged in by looking at the top right side of your window. You should see your email account"

Logged In

By default you have one calendar. You will see it on the let side of the page:

Default Calendar

Now to create your classroom calendar you need to go to Calendar Settings. You can get there two ways. You can click the options button in the top right side of the window and select Calendar settings

Calendar Settings

or click the Settings link below the My calendars section.

My Settings

If you choose the Options > Calendar settings make sure you are in the Calendars section. Then click Create new calendar.

Create New Calendar

Give the calendar a name, description, and select a calendar time zone. Make the calendar public by placing a check in the box next to "Make this calendar public." By default calendars are private.

Calendar Options

To share the calendar with specific people you would need to specify the people in the "Share with specific people" section. An example would be for use with departmental meetings. Each member of the department would have access to make changes to the calendar but others could just view the calendar. To give certain people administrative access you would need to select the event details, either make changes AND manage sharing or make changes to events. In the situation described above I would choose "Make changes to events."

Permission Settings

Next you will need to add the people who you want to share the administrative rights of the calendar with. You will do this at the Person text box. (FYI: The person needs a google email account.)

Enter Email Address

Once you have entered the email address of the person, click the Add Person button Add Person to add the person to the shared listing. You will notice the name now appears below your name and the Person text box is now empty. Continue adding people and their Permission Settings to the shared list.

Add Email Address

Click Create Calendar to accept the calendar options and display your calendar on your calendar page.

Create Calendar

You will be prompted with a Warning pop up box. Click yes to make the calendar public.


On your calendar home page your calendar should now appear below you default calendar.

Web Design Calendar

To add events to an entire day, make sure you are in month view:

Calendar View

Click in the calendar on the day and the Add Event dialog box opens. Type in the What box then click Create Event:

Add Event

It now appears on the calendar:


Click on the event on the calendar to open the event listing. Click on edit details to edit the current event setting.

Edit Details

To enter more events daily make sure you are in the Day or Week mode. Follow the same directions listed above to add multiple events on a given day.

Week or Day


To place your calendar on your Edline page or personal web page, you need to go into the Calendar settings. With the classroom calendar selected click the down arrow and select Calendar settings:

Class Settings

Scroll down to Embed This Calendar and copy the code located in the box shown below:

Embed This Calendar

Open Edline page and click on one of your classes.

Select a Class

Click on the edit button on the Contents page.

Calendar Pagte

Select document then click add to add a new document.

Add Document

At the new document summary information page give it a name, class calendar.

New Document

At the Add Content section select Enter Text By Hand:

Enter by Hand

Since you are entering code you will need to enter the HTML move by clicking the HTML icon on the standard toolbar:


This opens the HTML Source Editor where you will paste the code you previously copied. Click Update to apply the code to the page.


Scroll down to the Multiple Posting section and select all the classes you want you calendar to appear on:

Multiple Postings

Click the Save and Return to place the calendar page on your class pages.

Save and Return

Click Done to return to your Edline page.

Click Done

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