Create a Heart from a Circle

Open Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Start > All Programs > Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Start a new document (File > New) with the following settings:

New Document

Step 1: Draw a circle

Select the ellipse tool:

Ellipse Tool

Drag out a circle - Tip: hold down the shift-key while you draw to constrain the shape to a perfect circle.

CircleIf you don't have the color red you can change it on the options setting at the top of the document window:

Fill Color

Step 2: Change the bottom of the circle to a point

Click and hold down on the Pen tool in the tool box to display the hidden tools beneath. Then drag across to the tear off bar and release the mouse to separate the pen tools palette.

Convert Anchor Point


With the convert anchor point tool simply click once on the anchor point at the bottom of the circle.

Convert to Anchor Point

Your circle should now look like this.

Heart Shape

Step 3. Move the top anchor point

Direct Selection Tool Use the Direct selection tool to select the anchor point at the top of the circle and move it down so that the top of the shape is close to flat.

Heart Shape

Step 4: Convert the anchor point at the top of shape

Use the direct selection tool Direct Selection Tool to select the anchor point at the top of the circle.

Then use the convert anchor point tool Convert Anchor Point and select one of the direction handles attached to the anchor point and drag it up till the curve at that side of the anchor point looks appropriate.


By converting the anchor point we break the connection between the two direction handles so that we can move them independently.

Once the connection has been broken we can then select the anchor point again with the direct selection tool so that both direction handles are visible then use convert anchor point tool Convert Anchor Point to select the direction handle on the other side and draw it up.

HeartLeft Side Pulled

Your heart should look similar to the one below:


Step 4: Save with the file name Heart_Shape

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