Drawing Flowers

Open Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Start > All Programs > Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Start a new document (File > New) with the following settings:


Open the Flowers color swatch by first opening the swatch palette (Window > Swatches).


At the Swatch palette click the Swatch Library Menu icon at the bottom of palette to open the drop down menu. Select Nature then Flowers.

Flower Swatch

Your Flower Swatch should now appear open in the document:

Flowers Swatch Palette

Select the Ellipse Tool Ellipse Tool.

At the Swatch palette click the blue swatch (C=41 M=30 Y-0 K=0) :Blue Swatch.

Make sure that you have no stroke selected No Stroke.


Hold Shift while drawing out a circle as shown Circle.

With the circle selected, go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Pucker & Bloat:


and use these settings:

Pucker Settings

Your ellipse should now look like this: Pucker

Select the shape again and while holding the Alt key click and drag out a copy of the shape with the Black Arrow Selection Tool Black Selection Tool.

Two Petals

Rotate the shape as shown:

Rotate Petal

Place the rotated shape onto the original to make a flower:


Now you will group both shapes together to form one shape. Select both shapes by dragging around both with the Black Arrow Select Tool Selection Tool. Go to Object > Group to group them together:

Group Objects

Make a copy of the flower (Alt + drag) and with the new flower still selected click the yellow color in the color palette (C=0 M=2 Y=50 K=0).

Make the yellow flower a little smaller and place it as shown:


Select the Ellipse Tool with the fill color of your choice (I chose a shade of purple) and draw out a small circle. Here is what you should have at this point:


Select all three parts of the flower, hold down the Alt key and make a copy. Change the inner circle to the color of your choice.

Two Flowers

Select each flower separately and to to Object > Group Object Group. Then place them as shown. If necessary, remove the right flower in front of the left one, go to Object > Arrange > Bring to Front.

Overlap Flowers

Select your Pencil Tool Pencil . Change your stroke color to any shade of green.Green Stroke Color\

Draw a stem and keep it selected.


With the stem selected, change the stroke weight to 3 px.

Stroke Weight

Click the Black Arrow Selection Tool to select the stem then right-click the stem and select Arrange > Send to Back to move the stem behind the flower.

Send to Back

Draw out another stem as shown.

Two Stems

Select your Pencil or Pen Tool. Change your Fill color to any green then draw out a leaf shape.


Make a copy of the leaf and


Select your Type Tool Type Tool. Click on the canvas and type "Flowers by your name."

Select the text with your mouse. On the Type Toolbar located at the top of the document window, change the font size as needed . Here is are my settings: Text Settings Place the text as shown.


Save your file with the name Flowers.

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