Ice Cream Poster

Ice Cream Poster

Open Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Start > All Programs > Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Create a new document to print out letter size (8.5 "X 11").

Select the Rectangle Tool Rectanlge Tool and draw out a rectangle that fills up most of the page. This will be your background for the poster. You want to leave a small amount the edges because you will be placing a border stroke around it.

Select a light beige for the fill color. To find more fill options click the arrow on the right side of the fill box then click the first option at the bottom of the fill panel to see a list of color swatches. Find a light beige color. I found my color under the Neutral swatches.

Fill Color Options

With the rectangle still selected go to the Brush palette and click on the More Brushes button at the bottom left side of the palette and choose Borders then Borders Frames.

Frames Brushes

Double click on a border frame of your choice to apply it to the rectangle. This is what I have so far:

Poster Layer 1

To keep your work organized you will create another layer in which you will create the ice cream cone. On the layers palette first rename layer 1 Background by double clicking on Layer 1 in the Layers palette to bring up the Layer Options dialog box. Type "Background in the Name text box. Click OK to apply the name to the layer.

Background Layer

Create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette:

New Layer

Name this layer "Ice Cream Cone" the same way you renamed the background layer above.

Select the ellipse tool Ellipse Tool then draw out an oval Oval.

Draw two more oval as shown below:


Open the Pathfinder palette (Window > Pathfinder). Select all three ovals with the Black Arrow Selection Tool Selection Tool by dragging around all of them. On the Pathfinder palette select the Unite to Shape Area icon:

Unite Circles

Your circles should now be one shape.

Cicles United

Now you need to add color which will represent the flavor of your ice cream. I am going to create Strawberry Ice Cream. You can create your own flavor by selecting the correct color. For your fill navigate to the Ice Cream color palette and your stroke is set to none:

Ice Cream Colors

Now you will add the cone to your ice cream. Select the star tool Star Tool and then click once on the canvas. Change the points to 3.

3 Point Star

Draw out a triangle as shown:


You will use a decorative geometric fill pattern so open this fill as shown below:


Select the Honeycone Double Color:

Honeycone Double Color Fill

Your ice cream with cone should now look like this:

Pattern Fill Ice Cream Cone

Set your fill and stroke color to White and Black Fill White Stroke Black. Select the Ellipse Tool Ellipse Tool and while holding down the Shift key draw out a circle. Place it as shown below:


Select the white circle and the ice cream only, NOT THE CONE.


On the Pathfinder menu select subtract (Minus Front) from the shape area:


You should now have something like this:

Ice Cream Cone

Select both the ice cream and cone by dragging around them with the Selection Tool Selection Tool. You will notice that a red rectangle now surrounds the entire ice cream cone.


Now group them together by selecting Object > Group:

Group Object

Place your ice cream cone somewhere on the page. I placed mine on the right side of the page. Remember to leave room for your text you will be adding to your poster.

Create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette and name this layer text. Your layer palette should now look like this:

Named  Layers

Select the Type tool Type Tool and click on the canvas. Type out the first line of text, the ice cream flavor. Fill the text with the cone texture. Also select the font face and size at the top of the document window. My settings are shown below:

Ice Cream Font Settings

Next type the word cone and place it at the bottom of the poster. To add the cent sign you need to use a special character. To insert this into Illustrator turn your NUMBER CAPS OFF and while holding down the ALT key type 0162. This will insert a cent sign on your poster.

Save it with the name Ice Cream Poster.

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