Skeleton Key Drawing

Open Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Start > All Programs > Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Create a New Document with the following settings:

New Document

Select the Rectangle Tool Rectangle Tool.

The Fill color box should be set to white and the Stroke color (Line color) should be black. Click the double-sided arrow to swap them.

Swap Fill Color Your color palette should now look like this: Black Fill

Now you will need to change the stroke to None. To do this go to the top of the document window and drop down the stroke color box and select the one with the red line through it.

No Stroke

Your color palette should now look like this: No Stroke

Draw out a black rectangle: Black Rectangle

If you want to resize it, just click it with your Black Arrow Selection Tool Black Arrow Selection Tool and drag on the handles:

Drag Handles

Next, draw a smaller black rectangle as shown: Rectangles

Select the rounded rectangle Rounded Rectangleand drag out a third rectangle as shown:

Rounded Rectangle

Draw another rounded rectangle as shown:


Click your Black Arrow Selection Tool Selection Tooland drag the pieces into place:


Select the Ellipse Tool Ellipse Tool.

Draw out an oval shape: Oval

Place is as shown:


Change the fill color to white at the top of the document window:

White Fill

Draw two small ovals and place them as shown. To make them the same size draw out one circle then select the Black Selection Tool and while holding down the Alt key drag out a duplicate of the oval.

Circles Added

Change the Fill color to black and draw two small ovals. Place them as shown:

Ovals Added

Change the Fill color to white. Select the Star Tool Star Tool.

Click anywhere on your canvas to open the Star Tool dialog box. Change points to 3. Don't worry about the Radius settings. Leave them at their default setting.


Draw a small rectangle and place it as shown.

Star Added

Save it with the name Skeleton Key.

How easy was that!!!!

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