Editing The Project Audio Files

The first thing we want to do is to copy and paste the rainforest file two more times so that it ends about the same time as the JungleTheme audio file. In the upper-left hand corner you will notice that the Selection Tool Selection Tool is highlighted by default. To begin, click the selection tool and click+drag over the area you want to edit. For our ongoing activity it is the rainforest audio. Notice that when it is selected it's tinted a light blue:

Selected Audio Track

Click the copy button Copy Button, click back in the rainforest track just behind the audio, then click the paste button Paste Button to paste a copy of the rainforest audio file after the first one. You can use your left and right keyboard keys to position your selection point more accurately. Click once again behind the newly pasted audio on the rainforest track and click the paste button again to paste a second copy on the track. Your rainforest track will now be a little longer than your JungleTheme audio track but we will take care of that next. If you don't get the result you want simply click Ctrl + Z to undo the last task. Yours should look like the one below:

Copied Audio Track

Click play to see how your audio sounds now. Make sure you keep saving periodically. Next we want to trim the last rainforest file so that it ends basically at the same time as your JungleTheme audio. Click in the rainforest track and select as close to the end of the files above it by clicking and dragging. The light blue will show your selected area. It should look similar to the one below:

Selection Point

Click the cut button Cut to clip the last part of the clip from the track. Remember that if you don't get the result you want simply click Ctrl + Z to undo the last task. Play your audio and when you have it the way you want it save the project.

Next, import the last clip entitled africanmp3. It will be imported on its own track. However, this file will play after the two tracks of audio play through. To change when a sound starts, click the time shift tool Move Tool and click+drag on the track you want to move. For this activity we will move it after both sound tracks have played through.

Move Audio Track

Now copy and paste this track two more times so that three africanmp3 files appear on the track. Remember you will need to click back on the Selection Tool Selection Tool, then drag across the audio to select it. Make sure that you keep saving your project. The next step is to add fade in and fade out so that the two files blend a little better.

Select the last part of the AfricanTheme audio file with the selection tool. Click Effects>Fade Out. Repeat this step with the rainforest track.

Fade Out

Next select the first part of the africanmp3 file using the selection tool, then click Effect>Fade In. Also add a fade out effect at the end of this track. Play back your audio file.

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