Create a New Project/Importing and Saving a Project

Open Audacity. The first thing we need to do is save the project file to the same folder that you saved your audio files. Click on File, then select Save Project. Give it a unique name and click Save to save the project file to your folder.

Save Project

The next thing we will do is import an one of the audio files entitled JungleTheme.wav. Click on Project then click Import Audio.

Import Audio

Navigate to your folder and click on the JungleTheme wav file, then click open to import it into Audacity. The imported file should now be displayed in an audio track that looks similar to the one below:

Audacity Document Window

Go ahead a save your project again. Remember to save often so you will not loose any of your work.

Now click on the green Play button Play Button at the top and you should hear the file you have just imported.

Now we will import the rainforest wav file to add another track to our audio. Follow the same directions above but select rainforest.wav. This will create another audio track. Your file should look similar to the one below:

Rainforest Audio Track

When playing the file you might not want it to be as loud as the first track. You can adjust this with the slider outlined in red above. Notice that the rainforest audio is not as long as the first audio file imported. At this point we will edit the audio before importing the last audio file. Play the file to see how the rainforest audio file abruptly ends. Using the editing tools in Audacity makes this task a very simple one. Make sure you save your project again at this point and continue on to the Editing The Project Audio Files tutorial.

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