Saving and Exporting Your Audio File

When you want to save a track to use in another application, you have a number of options. If you want to continue working on it you should select save from the File menu and audacity will save it in its own format. You can also export your work as an ogg, mp3 or wav file so that it can be played in other programs or burnt to a CD. Audacity has the capacity to export the whole piece or just a selection. Under the project menu you will also find the Quick Mix tool – if you select some audio and use this it will mix it down to a stereo track.

To save the finished product, we will export the sound track as both a wav and an mp3. Remember, once you exported the sound file it is compressed down to one one sound track. Remember, it is always a good practice to save it in audacity format by just clicking File > Save as and assigning the the project a name. Wav files can be used in PowerPoint, web pages, and digital software applications. The mp3 format is primary used for podcasts. Click on the play button on the media player below to hear the completed Jungle Theme activity in wav format.

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