Daily Expenditures and Revenue

Assignment 2
Click on the Daily Expenditures and Revenue Worksheet below. Once it is open select File > Save as:

Blues Cafe File Save As

and save it to your folder as Daily Expenditures and Revenue and select Web page as the save as type:

Blue's Cafe Save as a Web Page

You are renting a kiosk called 'Blue's Cafe' at Lake Loquax - you can sell either cups of hot chocolate, which sell well when it's cold and rainy, or glasses of ice cold lemonade, which sell better when the weather is hot and sunny! Each evening you look at various weather forecasts and decide how to stock your kiosk for the following day. You will have to pay for your drinks supplies in advance and choose how much to charge your customers for their drinks. You have $100.00 to start with and have to pay $10.00 rental on the kiosk each day. To entice the lakes visitors to your kiosk you can pay Archies Adverts to put up some advertising posters up for you if you like. You have 3 weeks to make as much cash as you can!

After you have a grasp of how the game is played, start filling in this chart for all 21 days.  This information will be used in later activities, so make sure you fill in the information for each day of business.  Only fill in the white boxes.  Continue the game till all 21 daily charts are filled in.

Daily Expenditures and Revenue Worksheet

When you enter the Blue's Cafe simulated game below, a new document window will open. Once you have successfully completed the simulated game, close this new document window to return to the Blue's Cafe Web site.

Blue's Cafe

Each evening you look at the weather forecasts and choose what stocks to buy to sell to your customers on the following day. Mugs of Hot Chocolate sell well on cold days and Glasses of Lemonade sell well on hot days. You have three weeks to try to make as much profit as you can.
Enter your name & start the game!
Lake Loquax game provided by Loquax

Blue's Cafe