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Patricia Janann Nicholson

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Lesson Plan

Welcome young business entrepreneurs!!! You are going to embark on an adventure that will make you aware of how supply and demand influence the success and failure of a business. You have just inherited $100.00 from your dear Uncle Buck. You have decided to try to use this money to start your own business, a lemonade and hot chocolate stand. First you will need to learn some business vocabulary in order to better prepare you for the business world. Next, make decisions on real life simulations that you that will directly influence the cash flow of your business. You will keep track of your daily expenditures and revenues on a daily log sheet for twenty-one days. You will then take this information and enter it into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where you will enter mathematical formulas to determine your profit or losses. Charts and graphs will also be created in Excel that will reflect the business operations for the twenty-one days. The last activity will be the creation of a Power Point presentation that will reflect what you learned from this business venture in order to help other young business entrepreneurs.

Assignment 1: Supply and Demand Activity

Assignment 2: Daily Expenditures and Revenue

Assignment 3-5 : Excel Spreadsheet

Assignment 6 : Power Point Presentation

Evaluation: Blue's Cafe Grading Rubric

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