Supply and Demand

Assignment 1

Print out the grading rubric for this lesson.

As consumers, you and your friends buy goods and services every day. Producers of these goods and services are interested in consumer behavior because they want to produce products that will be popular with consumers, deliver the products to markets, and sell the products for a profit. To understand consumer behavior, you need to understand demand. Click on the National Council of Economic Education link and complete the online activity. You will turn in three completed assignments for this activity (refer to your grading rubric).

National Council of Economic Education Demand Shifters Activity

After completing this worksheet, go back to the Blue's Cafe by clicking the home button below and start on activity two. Remember to check your grading rubric for expectations for the activity. This lesson has numerous assignments so you will have several class periods to complete them all.  Play the simulated lemonade activity several times in order to grasp the understanding of how to make the most profit from your business adventure before entering your data. Students with the highest profits will receive extra credit.

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