Cabbage Patch Access Challenge

You are planning to open a Cabbage Patch Adoption Agency where you will advertise your dolls on the web. You first must set up a database of the dolls you will have available. You want to have at least 75 dolls available and need to create a database in Access to keep up with your inventory and to answer questions quickly to potential clients. The fields you will include in your database are listed below. Remember to format your fields according to data type, length, and description. Remember to format your picture file as an OLE object, and in design view you will format it to zoom. The following fields must be included in your table, but you may add additional ones if you like:


  • Name
  • Classification/Type (boy, girl, preemies, twins, etc.)
  • Year
  • Signature tag color: Color/year signatures
  • Picture Hair color Hair type (loops, poodle with 2 ponies, poodle with 1 ponie, shag, bald, shag, fuzzy, popcorn)
  • Outfit (Description of clothing worn)
  • Birth Certificate (Does it come with a birth certificate/If is does not say so, then it does not)
  • Condition: Abbreviation of Conditions
  • Cost
  • Item #

Information can be found on the following web sites:


Doll Sale

Cabbage Patch for Sale

Once your table is created, you will construct 20 queries along with questions generated in Microsoft word. You will be graded on the following three criteria:

Cabbage Patch Dolls Table

Database Microsoft Word Questions for Query

20 Generated Queries which answer the questions created in their word document