Teacher's Guide

All lessons in this nine week unit are designed using a distance learning model. Instructions are all online so students can work at their own pace. The traditional learning model should also by used to introduce each lesson weekly, keeping students focused on the time line for task completion. Lesson Plans, aligned to Sunshine State Standards, as well as grading rubrics are provided with each lesson. The grading rubrics are designed to monitor students' progress, as well as providing a tool for students to stay focused on the overall unit outcome.

There is an Overall Grading Rubric that includes the total points assigned per assignment, along with the total overall points and correlating grade that can be earned for the nine week grading period. This would be helpful to have as a poster in the room to add students in the monitoring of tasks and grade expectations. Click on the link down below to download the Overall Rubric.

Overall Grading Rubric

This unit was designed to cover all programs found in Microsoft Office 2000. Since the classes are set up to rotate ever 9 week period, a new lesson should be introduced each week. It is recommended that the grading rubric for each lesson be downloaded for each student so that they can monitor their own progress of task completion.