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Grading Rubric

Microsoft Word 2007 Instructions
Microsoft Word 2003 Instructions

Microsoft Word 2007 Instructions:

Before you begin this nine week project you will need to become familiar with the grading rubric. This is how you will be graded on each project completed in class. This first project is to create a Table of Contents Page that will list all the activities you will be doing this 9 weeks.

To start your Table of Contents open Microsoft Word (Programs > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Word 2007.

Click the Office button in the top left corner of the document window Office Button and select new from the drop down menu. Select new blank document:

New Document

Click the Office button Office Button again and select Save As from the drop down menu and name your file Table of Contents. See the information below on how you want to save your document.

Save As Options

You will include of title at the top of your page "Table of Contents" that is created using WordArt. First place your cursor in the middle of the screen by clicking the center alignment button on the Home tab.

Center Alignment

Next click your Insert tab and locate the WordArt button and click on it to view the options you have. Select one then type Table of Contents.


This brings up the WordArt dialog box where you type the text and tell it what size to make it.


Click OK to set the WordArt on the Page.

Hit enter on the keyboard to place your cursor on the line below your title. Click the left align Left Align button on the Home tab to place your cursor to the left side of the document. Now we need to add bullets to your pages that will display your list of work. On the Home tab click the Bullet drop down arrow and select one of the bullets listed or select Define New Bullet to find a bullet in the form of a symbol, picture, or font.


Make sure you make sure left aligned is selected.

Left Align Bulleted List

Type out your table of contents list shown below:

List of Activities

To indent the Answered and Unanswered bullet first place your cursor on the line you want to increase the indent then click the increase indent button in the paragraph section on the Home tab:

Increase Indent

Using the same steps listed above give the increase indent a unique bullet.

Click at the bottom of the page and follow the steps above to add a WordArt object "By Your Name." Make sure it is centered aligned.


Save file and make sure you look over it with your rubric. Submit your work for grading.

Horizontal Rule

Microsoft Word 2003 Instructions:

First you will create a table of contents that will be the first page that will appear in your portfolio. First you will create a header entitled "Table of Contents" that will be centered at the top of the page. Use the WordArt gallery to create this text. To create WordArt, click on the Insert WordArt icon Insert WordArt on the drawing toolbar to open the WordArt Gallery. If your drawing toolbar is not open click View > Toolbars > Drawing toolbar. If there is a check by the text Drawing toolbar it is already open in your word document.

WordArt Gallery

Select a design and click OK. This will open the Edit WordArt Text dialog box. Type Table of Contents in the text area and set the text size to around 54:

Edit WordArt Text

Once you have created your WordArt, you need to center it in the middle of the page. Click on the WordArt in the document and click the center alignment button Center Align on the Formatting Toolbar to center the text.

Next you will type in a bulleted list that will indicate the assignments and the order that they will appear in your portfolio. You will not use the default button but a unique button you will find in the Microsoft library or a picture you have found online. Your list will be left aligned so make sure you click the left aligned button Left Aligned to place your cursor to the left of the page. First type your list items shown below using the default bullet. Click the bulleted button Bulleted List before you type the first item to create a default bullet list. To create the indented bulleted list (Example Scavenger Hunt in Word Format) click the increase indent button Increase Indent. To return your list to the original position, click the decrease indent button Decrease Indent.

Now we want to use a different bullet. Place your cursor at the first list item Getting Familiar with the Drawing Toolbar – Creating a Portrait in Microsoft Word, then while holding down the left mouse button select the rest of the list.

Bullets Selected

Next click Format and choose Bullets and Numbering

Format Bullets

Make sure the bullet tab is selected. You now have several choices. You can use a bullet from the gallery:

Bullet Gallery

Or you can click Customize for several options.

Customize Bullets

At the customize bulleted list you can select Character to open a list of bulleted options that are characters.

Customize Bullet

The character choices are shown below:

Bullet List Symbol

Or you can select picture:

Cutomize Bullet

This opens a list of other buttons that can be used:

Bulleted List Picture Option

Click on one of the customizes buttons, either character or picture, then click OK to apply this button to the list. Notice that it only applies it to the initial list, not the indented list items. You can now apply a character or picture bullet to the indented list by selecting the indented list the same way you selected the entire list above and follow the same steps:

Indented List Selected

Here is my finished bulleted list:

Formatted List

Now add your name to the bottom of your document using the WordArt Gallery. Make sure it is also aligned to the center.

When you are sure you have checked your rubric for all components, print it out for a grade. Once it is graded place in your portfolio.

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