Adding Keyframes

Each layer of a Flash movie is divided into frames. Frame numbers appear along the top of the Timeline. At the current time, each layer in your movie is only one frame long. You want your movie to last 60 frames. Inserting a keyframe at Frame 60 will cause each layer to remain on the screen until Frame 60. You use keyframes to specify changes in the animation.

Extend the Sky Layer

Frame 60

Extend the Buildings Layer

Extend the Trees Layer

Your timeline should look like the graphic below:

Extended Layers

Create a Layer Named Car

Add the Car to the Stage

Car Added

Motion Tween - Make the Car Move

Motion Tween

Move Car

Click here to see an example of what your motion tween should look like.

Adding Sound

To have a horn honk as the car rolls through town, you need to add sound.

Import the Sound


Add the Sound Create and name a new layer:

Add sound:


Sound Added to Stage

Sync Event

Play the Movie

Flash Movie Tutorial