Creating Unique Shapes with the Pencil Tool

The Pencil Tool

You use the Pencil tool to draw freehand shapes. You need to draw a tree trunk and a treetop to create a tree.

Create the Tree Trunk

Edit Grid

Deselect Snap to Grid

Pencil Tool

Pencil Settings

Tree Trunk

Paint Bucket Tool

Tree Trunk Filled with Color

Note: If your tree trunk does not fill with color, you might have gaps. To close the gaps, click on the Gap Size modifier and choose Close Large Gaps.

Fill Large Gaps

Create the Tree Top

Tree Top Outline

Tree Top Filled

Create the Tree


Flash Professional 8 views the tree as two objects, the treetop and the tree trunk. In the next exercise you will group the treetop and the tree trunk to cause Flash Professional 8 to view the tree as a single object. Then you will turn the tree into a symbol.

Tree Top and Trunk Selected


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