Drawing a Car

In this exercise you will create a car. You will use the car later.

Draw a Hubcap

Start your car by drawing a hubcap.

Snap to Grid


Convert the Hubcap to a Symbol. Converting the hubcap to a symbol places the hubcap in the Library. Later you will take two copies of the hubcap out of the Library and place one copy on each tire.

Draw the Tires

Draw two tires. Look at the graphic below and place the tires on the grid exactly as shown. Remember: When using the Oval tool, holding down the Shift key as you click and drag creates a perfect circle.

Two Tires

Draw the Chassis

You use the Line tool to draw straight lines. Use the Line tool to draw the car chassis. But first, you need to set the Stroke line size.

Line Options


Fill the Car with the Color Red

Brush Mode Shape and Size

Paint Fills

Paint Brush Size

Paint Brush Shape


You can also use the magnification drop down at the top right of the document window:


Car Painted Red

Fill the Headlights with the Color Yellow

Add the Hubcaps


Car Complete

Group the Car

You want Flash to view the car as a single object. You need to group the car.

Convert the Car to a Symbol

Flash Movie Tutorial