Flash Professional 8 Tutorial
This tutorial was created by Denise Etheridge at the Baycon Group.

Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

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Getting Started - Setting Up the Flash Document
Setting the Grid and Creating a Shape
Creating Symbols and Gradients
Creating Unique Shapes with the Pencil Tool
Drawing a Car
Creating Buildings and Getting Familiar with Layers
Creating Your Movie
Creating the Movie Part 2
Adding Keyframes
Adding Actions and a Button to Your Movie

Getting Started - Setting Up the Flash Document:

To begin, open Flash Professional 8. You will be presented with the screen shown here.

New Flash Document

Click Flash Document. The screen shown here appears:

Document Stage

The upper left corner of the screen displays the Tools palette, which contains tools you can use to create or modify graphics and text. You select a tool by clicking on it. Tool modifiers for the selected tool display below the Tools palette. You use modifiers to set tool options.

The Timeline appears in the upper portion of the screen. You use the Timeline to lay out the sequence of your movie. Each square is an individual frame where your graphics will be placed with a keyframe.

The Stage displays in the center of the screen. You create your movie on the Stage.

Movie Properties You start creating your movie by setting the Frame Rate, Dimensions, Background Color, and Ruler Units.

You can also set these properties in the Movie Properties dialog box by clicking Modify > Document:

Modify Document

This opens the Document Properties Dialog box shown below.

Document Properites

Flash Movie Tutorial

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