Devilish Delights

Lesson Plan
Lesson Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

1. Creating Web Page Forms with HTML 2. Working with CGI Scripts
3. Starting an Online Form with the <Form> Tag 4. Working With and Creating Input Boxes
5. Controlling the Size of an Input Box 6. Setting a Default Value for an Input Box
7. Creating a Password Field 8. Inserting a Horizontal Line
9. Creating a Selection List 10. Using the <SELECT> and <OPTION> Tags
11. Modifying the Appearance of a Selection List 12. Working with Radio Buttons
13. Working with Check Boxes 14. Add Another Horizontal Line
15. Adding an Additional Input Box 16. Creating a Text Area
17. Creating Form Buttons 18. Creating Image Fields
19. Working with Hidden Fields 20. Working with Form Properties
21. Inserting a Date Input Box
21. Using Event Handlers 22. Using the onLoad Event Handler
23. Creating Calculated Fields 24. Validating User Input
25. The "this" Keyword 26. Notifying the User with Alert and Confirm Dialog Boxes
27. Create a Power Point Presentation 28. Publishing Your Power Point Presentation to the Web
27. Creating a Frames Webpage 27. Loading a Page in a New Window
Creating Web Page Forms with HTML
Devilish Delights, one of the leading manufacturers of ice cream, wants to add a new flavor to their ice cream line. The company has already established a presence on the World Wide Web with pages that describe the company's products and where their products can be found. Now, Devilish Delights would like to improve upon their presence by creating an interactive form that will get customers involved in what this new flavor will be. To participate, customers would fill out an online form. The person who creates the winning flavor will receive $5,000 and random drawings from the remaining entries will win a years supply of Devilish Delights Ice Cream.

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