Modifying the Appearance of a Selection List

HTML provides several properties to modify the appearance and behavior of selection lists and selection options. By default, the <SELECT> tag displays only one option from the selection list, along with a drop-down list arrow to allow you to view other selection options. You can change this by modifying the SIZE property. The syntax of the SIZE property is:


where value is the number of items that the selection list will display in the form. By specifying a SIZE value greater than 1, you change the selection list.

Return to your text editor and locate the line <TD><SELECT NAME=Flavor> and change it to read:


Save your changes and view it in your Web browser. Notice that you now can see all four selections. Return your page to view only one selection, taking out the SIZE=4 command.

In some cases you might want to make a selection list where more than one selection can be made. To learn more on how to do this, open your textbook to page 6.21 and 6.22 and read the Making Multiple Selections and Working With Option Value Sections.