Publishing Power Point Presentations on the Web

Previewing Presentation as Web Page

Before outputting as web presentation, you can Preview what it will look like by choosing Web Page Preview from the File menu.

Converting PowerPoint to HTML

  • Creating a web page from PowerPoint 2000 is very straightforward
  • Simply choose Save as Web Page from the File menu

Choosing Save as Web Page

Select Save as Web Page from the File menu

  • Save to Web Step 1:
    • You will be prompted for a location for your file,
    • for a name for it
    • and for a Title for the web page
  • Save to Web Step 2:
    • Click Publish to Set Options
    • Choose complete presentations or only selected slides
    • Choose to display speaker notes or not
    • Choose browser level
  • Selecting Web Options
    • Further options can be selected by clicking on Web Options
    • Choose color options, you may wish to experiment
  • Selecting More Web Options
    • On the Files tab, make sure that you request that supporting files be placed in a separate folder
    • A great many files are created in this process, and you want them to be well organized
  • Completing the Process
    • Finally, click OK, and then click the Publish button
    • Your web presentation will be created in the location you specified