Activating and Formatting Links

Activating the Sidebar Links:

Set null links on each of the six sample links in the sidebar. Null links are links that do not navigate anywhere.

Select a link Select Link.

Type a # (hash mark) in the Properties inspector link box Null Link

Formatting Links to Appear Without An Underline:

Select Modify > Page Properties, or click the Page Properties button in the text Property inspector. You can also get to the Page Properties dialog by clicking the Page Properties button Page Propertyo n the Properties Panel.

Link Font Specifies the default font family to use for link text. By default, Dreamweaver uses the font family specified for the entire page unless you specify another font.

Size Specifies the default font size to use for link text.

Link Color Specifies the color to apply to link text.

Visited Links Specifies the color to apply to visited links.

Rollover Links Specifies the color to apply when a mouse (or pointer) hovers over a link.

Active Links Specifies the color to apply when a mouse (or pointer) clicks on a link Underline Style Specifies the underline style to apply to links. If your page already has an underline link style defined (through an external CSS style sheet for example), the Underline Style menu defaults to a "don't change" option. This option alerts you to a link style that has been defined. If you modify the underline link style using the Page Properties dialog box, Dreamweaver will change the previous link definition. For your links to appear without an underline select the Links category and select Never underline from the Underline style drop down list.

Never Underline

Feel free to change any of the other link properties for your style sheet.

Creating a CSS Style Sheet