Inserting a Spry Menu Bar

When you insert a Spry Menu Bar, Dreamweaver needs to copy an external JavaScript file, a style sheet, and four images to a special folder in your site root. So before starting, it's important to make sure you have defined a website in Dreamweaver. You also need to save your page within the website so that Dreamweaver can create the correct links to these external assets.

Position your cursor at the point in the page where you want the menu to be, and click the Spry Menu Bar button in the Spry category of the Insert panel/bar (or select Insert > Spry > Spry Menu Bar).

Spry Menu Bar

You will insert the menu above the word Instructions on your page. Place your cursor in front the word Instructions and click the Enter key to put the text on the next line.

At the Spry Menu dialog box select Horizontal for the layout.


The menu now appears across the content section of your page.

Spry Menu

CSS Layout