Destination USA/ Creating a Travel Brochure
Lesson Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

Directions:  See your teacher about which state you both decide upon.  The purpose of this activity is to generate a travel brochure for each state, so each student must sign up on the class roster to ensure equal state distribution.  When gathering information about your assigned state, make sure that the material you include is interesting and the pictures you use will capture the attention of others.  When planning your brochure, ask yourself what things would draw you to that state.  The reason states make travel brochures are to encourage people to come visit them.

Click on the "State Fact Worksheet" for your brochure outline.  The things you should include in your brochure are listed on this sheet.  Use this as a rough draft in order to better organize your information.  Make sure you have the fact sheet checked by your teacher before inserting the information into your Microsoft Publisher Brochure Publication.

To type directly on the state fact worksheet, click on link to open the worksheet, then save it to your student folder.  You will then open it in word in order to fill in your answers. When you have completed your assignment, click on file, save as, choose your student folder from the list window, name your file Travel Brochure, and click save.

 State Fact Worksheet
The following web sites are to be used to gather your information:
 State Information
 Climate Information
 State Abbreviations
 Stately Knowledge
 About 50 States
50 Nifty States
U.S. States
 The US 50
 Tourist Information
 On Route/The Travel Source
 Travel Library
 Official State "Symbols" and Mascots
 State Flowers
 Discovery/Plan a Trip by Destination
 Offbeat Tourist Attractions
Savvy Traveler

Assignment 2:

Open Microsoft Publisher.  Choose the informational brochure you wish to use to construct your state's travel information.  Make sure you use enough graphics to make it appealing to someone who is looking for a place to visit.  Also, including a road map of the state for interested tourist is helpful for those not familiar with the area.  Include all the information stored in your State Fact Worksheet (you do not need to include all state graphics, just the ones you think would enhance the look of your brochure.    Name your travel brochure state (where state is the name of the state you researched).

Assignment 3:The next assignment is to learn how use critical thinking skills in writing questions that you will construct in the form of a scavenger hunt in your next assignment. You will read Jack and the Beanstalk (I know its been a long time since I had read the story!!!), then determine what type of questions were asked based on Blooms Taxonomy. Examples will be provided so you will know how to construct your own. Click on Jack and the Beanstalk below and follow the directions provided in the assignment.

Jack and the Beanstalk/An Adventure in Using Critical Thinking Skills

Assignment 4:

Now that you have become familiar with your state, open Microsoft Word to create a 20 question interactive scavenger hunt in the form of a web page.  The directions to how questions will be asked was covered in the Jack and the Beanstalk assignment.  You will use Bloom's taxonomy to create questions that reflect higher level thinking skills.   Remember to make your scavenger appealing to your audience.  The most creative and well thought out scavenger hunts will be posted on Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues State Scavenger Hunts with you as the author.    In this assignment you may use animated graphics to make your final product eye appealing for your audience.  Save the scavenger hunt with your name_statename. When you have finished the scavenger hunt, have another classmate answer your questions, saving the file with their name_statename. The instructions for creating an interactive scavenger hunt is listed below:

Creating an Interactive Scavenger Hunt Web Page

 Go Graph
Animation Library
Flaming Text Photos
2 Cool Graphics
Clip Art Warehouse
Beard Brothers Animating

Insert the state song:

Assignment 5:

You will now create a Power Point presentation about your state. Click on the link below for step-by-step directions on how and what to include in in your presentation. Extra Credit will be given for including a Flash movie in your presentation!!!!

Creating a Power Point Presentation

Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues