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The Drawing Toolbar

Drawing Toolbar

With buttons on the Drawing toolbar, you can draw a variety of shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, as well as straight lines, free form lines, lines with arrowheads, and much more. The Drawing toolbar is usually housed at the bottom of the text area screen. If you don't see this toolbar, click View on the Standard Toolbar, select Toolbars, and click on Drawing Toolbar. If a check mark appears beside the words "Drawing Toolbar," then the toolbar is already open somewhere in your program.

Drawing Toolbar Button Description

Click this Button
To do this
Display a pop-up menu with options for grouping and positioning drawings.
Select Objects
Selects text or objects.
Free Rotate
Rotate selected object to any degree by dragging a corner of the object in the desired direction.
Display a palette of shapes that can be drawn in a document. (To draw a shape circumscribed within a perfect square, hold down the Shift key while drawing the shape.
Draw a line in a document.
Insert a line with an arrowhead. (To draw at 15-degree angles, hold down the Shift key.)
Draw a rectangle in a document. To draw a perfect square, hold down the Shift key while drawing the shape.)
Draw an oval in a document. (To draw a perfect circle, hold down the Shift key while drawing the shape.)
Text Box
Draw a box for a text table.
Insert WordArt
Insert a Microsoft Office drawing object.
Inserts ClipArt image from the ClipArt Gallery.
Fill Color
Fill selected object with a color, pattern, texture, or shaded fill.
Line Color
Change color of selected line.
Font Color
Format selected text with a color.
Line Style
Change thickness of selected line or change it to a compound line. Change style of selected line, arc, or border to dashed.
Dash Style
Add arrowheads to a selected line, arc, or open freeform.
Arrow Style
Add arrowheads to a selected line, arc. or open freeform.
Add or remove an object shadow.
Add or remove a 3-D effect.

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Inserting a ClipArt Image

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Working with AutoShapes on the Drawing Toolbar

Do you want to make your Microsoft WORD 2000 documents more interesting? Try using an AutoShape (like the Cloud Callout) with a picture inserted to spice up your flyer.

Here are the simple steps to create such a callout with an inserted picture:

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Creating Special Text Effects With WordArt