Adjusting Picture Size

You want your pictures to look the same size. Fireworks and Dreamweaver work together to make this process easy. Notice the last picture I put into the table was larger than the rest of the pictures. We are going to adjust the size of the picture. First click on one of the pictures that are basically the same size and look on the Properties panel in the table. As you can see the picture I clicked on is 183 width and 178 height. We are going to resize according to the width first to see if this makes the picture more inline with the other pictures.

Image Size

Now click on the picture you want to resize. Click on the Edit with Fireworks button Edit with Fireworks on the Properties pane. This will take your picture into Fireworks for editing. Before opening your picture it will prompt you whether you want to use this file to open the picture for editing or open the png file. Click Use This File.

Use this File

Once in Fireworks to resize your image click on the Modify > Canvas > Image Size. At the Image Size dialog box change the top size to your size of your image. My image that basically was the same size as the others was 183 so I changed the width size to that size. Make sure Constrain proportions and Resample image are checked.

Image Size

Click the Done button to return the edited picture to Dreamweaver. Click the reset image button Refresh to make the changes to your picture. Your Image size should change to the new size Reset.

Continue adding pictures to all of your six pages.

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