Creating Hypertext Links Between Elements Within Your Document

After adding your image and horizontal rule, the categories you created have moved further down on the page, not allowing viewers to see everything without scrolling down the page. You will now create hypertext links between elements within your document.

Add Short Category Names Before and After Image:

Place your cursor before the image and type a short name for category 1 followed by an asterisk (*). For example if one of your six category names is Wacky Key Chains, your short name could be just Key Chains. Add the second short category name followed by another asterisk and then the third short category name followed by an asterisk.

Place your cursor after the image and type an asterisk (*) and a short name for category 4. Add another asterisk and the fifth short category name then another asterisk and the sixth short category name. Your page should resemble the graphic below but instead of the words Category 1 and so on they will actually be short names for your categories.

Category Names

Add Anchor Tags:

Now that you've created the short category names for your categories you will need to insert an anchor tag on all of the H3 category names. Place your cursor before your first category name and click Insert > Named Anchor or click the anchor icon Anchor on the toolbar. Give it a name (Example: key).


Click OK to close your Insert Anchor dialog box. Continue assigning anchors to the rest of your category names. Your page should now look like this.


Create Links to the Anchor Tags:

After you anchor the text that will be the destination for your links, you need to create the links themselves. For this activity, you want to link the text you entered around your image to the six categories. Simply drag over your text (your H3 category one name) then select the point to file icon and point to the Category One Name.

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Save your work and preview it in a browser. Don't forget to spell check your work.

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