Creating and Inserting an Image

Smiley Face

Create an Animated Gif:

You will now create an image to display on your page. Because your clients don't want to deal with any copyright issues, they have requested that you design an image that will represent their company. The Web only supports two graphic types for inline images: GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). Of these, the GIF file format is the more common on the Web. You will first create an image in Flash that does not save files in the GIF format. You will be creating an image like the one below. You can choose to create this image using step by step instructions provided via Camtasia video or you can create your own. If you are creating your own you can use Fireworks or Flash the only thing that is required is that your document size is 250 X 350 and that you create something animated. In other words something in the picture needs to move. For helpful tutorials on other graphics you can click on this Fireworks link or this Flash link to find additional activities you can do other than the picture below.

Windows How to Create Image Video Flash How to Create Image Video

Insert Image in Dreamweaver Document:

Once you have completed your picture and exported it as a movie with an animated gif format you will insert it on your page. Place your cursor just below your horizontal rule and click the center alignment button on the Properties Panel to center your picture on the page. Click Insert then select Image. Navigate to your folder and click on your funnyface.gif file (or your image you created.

Insert Image

At the Image Tag Accessibility Attributes type in an Alternate text. I typed Funny Face shown below. Click OK to close the Image Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box.

Image Attributes

Save your work and preview it in a browser. Make sure you spell check your document!

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