Creating Behaviors in Dreamweaver

Swap Image
Set Text of Status Bar
Add a Popup Message

Swap Image:

The Swap Image action swaps one image for another . First you will need to find another picture that will go along with the them of your website. I am using the Pink Panther I created in Fireworks that displays Just Plain Stupid. You do not have to create one yourself but need to find one that is basically the same size as your other image on the page and save it to your folder.

C lick on the picture to select it. Open the behaviors panel (Window > Behaviors). Click the Add Behavior button on the behaviors panel to view the drop down list.

Add Behavior

At the drop down list select Swap Image.

Swap Image

At the swap image dialog box click the browse button to locate your second image. Then click OK to apply the swap image behavior.


Your behavior panel should now look like this:

Swap Image

Hit F12 and view your web page in a browser window. Roll your mouse over the picture and it should swap images.

Set Text of Status Bar:

The Set Text of Status Bar action shows a message in the status bar at the bottom left of the browser window. For example, you can use this action to describe the destination of a link in the status bar instead of showing the URL associated with it. Note, however, that visitors often ignore or overlook messages in the status bar; if your message is important, consider displaying it as a pop-up message or as the text of a layer.

Click anywhere in your document. Click the add behavior button to open the drop down list. Select Set Text > Set Text of Status Bar from the Actions pop-up menu.

Set Text of Status Bar

Type in your message then click OK to apply the behavior.

Message on Status Bar

Click F12 to view your page in a browser window. The message should appear on the bottom left hand side of the page.

Welcome Message

Add a Popup Message:

Open up one of your six external pages. Click on the image title in your table header. Click the add behavior button and select Popup Message:

Popup Message

Type your message in the Popup Message dialog box. Something to encourage people to buy something on this page:

Popup Message

Now we want to change the behavior from onClick to onMouseOver. Simply click the down arrow beside onClick to drop down the menu and select onMouseOver.


Save your file then click F12 to view it in a browser. When you put your mouse over the title it should popup your message. Place the popup behavior on the remaining five category pages.

Just Plain Stupid