Creating Six Additional Pages That Contain a Table

You will now create additional pages that will contain the picture, description, and price of each gift. Each category will have a separate page, which will contain all the gifts available for that category.

Create a new page in Dreamweaver (File > New). Make sure you fill in the Title at the top of your page Name. With your cursor on the page click Insert > Table. At the Insert Table dialog box set your setting to what is shown below.

Table Dialog Box

Your table should now look like the table shown below:


To change the settings of a table simply click on the table to select it and on the Properties Panel you will see the settings you entered in the Table Settings dialog box. Your Properties panel should resemble the one below:

Modify Table Settings

I want to add another row that will hold my category title. On the Properties panel change the number 6 in the Rows box to 7 then click the Enter key to apply another row to the table. Select all the cells in the first row by dragging over them with your cursor then select Modify > Table > Merge Cells. Type your category title in the top cell and merge it to the center.
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Save your page and view it in a browser. You should have a total of six pages saved with a table on each.

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