Creating a Just Plain Stupid Website Using Dreamweaver
Created by Patricia "Janann" Nicholson

Lesson Plan

Grading Rubric

Pink Panther

Define a New Site H1 and H2 Headers, Center Aligning, and Saving
Creating A Paragraph and Spell Check
Creating Six Categories
Lists and Bold Character Tag
Inserting a Horizontal Rule
Creating and Inserting an Image
Creating Hypertext Links Between Elements Within Your Document
Creating Six Additional Pages That Contain a Table
Inserting Pictures and Text into the Table
Formatting Pictures to Be the Same Size
Creating a Background for Your Web Page
Giving Your Table Some Color
Removing White Background From Pictures
Placing the Background on you Home Page and Formatting it into a Table
Creating Links Between Documents
Creating Text Graphics in Fireworks
Creating a Rollover Button in Fireworks
Create Six Buttons on the Home Page that Link to Your Six Category Pages
Creating Cascading Style Sheets
Creating Behaviors

Define a New Site

Dreamweaver is a tool to create websites. So the first thing you have to do is define a site. This helps Dreamweaver to organize the files used in this site.

Step 1 : Create a folder inside your student shortcut folder on the desktop and name it Just Plain Stupid. Create another folder inside this folder and name it Pictures.

Step 2 : Click on Site> New Site. New Site The following window will appear where you can enter the site details under the category Local Info. Notice the Site Name, the local root folder (your student folder on the desktop) and a default image folder (a folder created in your student folder). Make sure the Advanced tab is selected. Also click on the folder beside Local root folder and Default images folder to navigate to your folder.

Local Info

Don't worry about the HTTP address and make sure Cache is checked.

Step 3 : Now Dreamweaver displays the folder contents in the Files panel on the right side. The files are well organized now and Dreamweaver knows where to search for files. Now you are ready to start developing web pages.

Just Plain Stupid

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