H1 and H2 Headers,Center Aligning, and Saving

H1 and H2 Headers:

Click inside of the document window. On the Properties Panel in the Format drop down select H1.

Heading 1

Type Just Plain Stupid. Hit the Enter key and select the H2 Format and type The Wildest and Wackiest Gifts on the Web.

Give the Page a Title:

At the top of the document window in the title text area type Just Plain Stupid:


Center Align Both Headers:

Select both text by dragging over them with your mouse and on the properties panel click the center alignment button Center Align. Your page should look like this:

Front Page

Save Your Webpage:

Now it is time to save your work. Click File then Save As and name your document justplainstupid:


Preview in a Browser:

To see how your page will appear in a browser simply press the F12 key. If you don't like the way something looks return to Dreamweaver and make the necessary adjustments then select the F12 key again or simply click the refresh key Refresh on your browser.

Just Plain Stupid