Inserting a Horizontal Rule

To lend more shape to the appearance of your page, you will now add a horizontal line after the heading "The Wildest and Wackiest Gifts on the Web." Place your cursor after the end heading tag and press enter. In the new line, type <HR>. Save your changes and view it in your browser.

To create a horizontal rule:

In the Document window, place the insertion point where you want to insert a horizontal rule (under the H2 heading). Do one of the following:

  1. Select Insert > HTML > Horizontal Rule.
  2. In the HTML category of the Insert bar, click the Horizontal Rule button.

To modify a horizontal rule:

  1. In the Document window, select the horizontal rule.
  2. Select Window > Properties to open the Property inspector, and modify the properties as desired:
    • W and H specify the width and height of the rule in pixels or as a percentage of the page size.
    • Align specifies the alignment of the rule (Default, Left, Center, or Right). This setting applies only if the width of the rule is less than the width of the browser window.
    • Shading specifies whether the rule is drawn with shading. Deselect this option to draw the rule in a solid color.

Save your changes and view it in a browser.

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