Inserting Pictures and Text in the Table

Now you will include the pictures, descriptions, and price for each of your items. Click in the first Cell of the Table and click the insert Picture Icon Insert Image on the Document Toolbar or select Insert on the Standard Toolbar then select image. This will open the Select Image Source. Navigate to the folder with your picture and click on the picture you want to put in the first cell of the second row.

Select Image Source

Click OK. This will open the Image Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box. Type in a descriptive name and click OK to apply the image to the page.

Image Attributes

Your table should now like the one below. Continue adding images to the second row in columns 2 and 3.

Category Title
Smile Face    

Place your cursor in the first cell in the third row. This is where you will type a description of your item. Continue adding descriptions to the rest of the row under each picture. To make sure the columns appear the same size on the Properties panel click in the width text box and type 33%. This lets the browser know that you want the cell to be 33% in that column. You will need to do this in the second row second column and the second row third column. Because the row is part of the table it will automatically know that all the columns will take on the formatting of 33%.

Table Width

Click in the fourth row and this is where you will type in your price for each item. Repeat the steps to the remainder of your table following the steps above.

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