Removing White Background From Pictures

Just as you resized your picture you will edit your photo in Fireworks basically the same way you edited the size. Click on the picture in your table to select it. Click on the Edit with Fireworks button Edit with Fireworks. Follow the same instructions for getting the picture to open in Fireworks. Once in Fireworks you will want to make your background color the same as the row color that your pictures are in. Click in the row or cell that houses your picture then look on the Properties panel to locate the color number. The color number for my row is #BDFFDE.

Select Table Background Color

In Fireworks select the magic wand Magic Wand then click on the white background to select it then click delete to erase the white. Next change your background canvas color to your Bg color that is selected for your row. Select Modify > Canvas > Canvas color and type the color number in the color text box.

Click Done to return your edited picture to Dreamweaver.

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