Creating a Rollover Button in Fireworks

You will need to create two buttons that are identical in size and shape but look different when you roll over the button. This will be placed on your six category pages that when clicked on will return you to the Just Plain Stupid home page. For example here are the two buttons I created:

Button 1
Button 2

Once you have created your two buttons make sure that you have saved them as a Fireworks file (.png). You can export them and save them as a gif as well or you can just use your Fireworks file as your graphic. If you don't save in Fireworks format you can not go back and edit it later.

To insert your button on your page click on the insert image icon on the standard toolbar and then select rollover.

Insert Rollover

This will open the Insert Rollover Image dialog box. You will fill in the information below using your saved button and web page. Use the Browse feature to navigate to your folder to find your graphics and web page.

Insert Rollover Image

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