Replacing Text with Fireworks Graphics

On your home page your are going to replace the text Just Plain Stupid with a Graphic you will create in Fireworks. Make sure you set your canvas to the background color of your table.

H1 Heading

Make sure you have your background graphic open while you are creating your text graphic so you can get as close to matching the colors as possible. Look at the dimensions of your table on the home page. This will help determine how wide you want your graphic. My table is 850 pixels wide so I need to keep the width of the graphic small then 850. I am going to make my text graphic 750 by 125. You can always trim the canvas when you are done. Also you want to make sure your background color is the same color as the background of your table.

Watch the video to see how I created my text graphic. When you have finished your graphic you will save it in Fireworks Format ( File > Save as in Fireworks) and assign it a name. Export it as well in gif format. To insert it on a page click Insert > Image and navigate to your pics folder and click on the graphic you just created. This is how my home page now looks:


You will need to create six more text graphics to replace your table heading text. Here is how one of my category pages now looks:


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