Add Drop Down Menu to Cover Page

With your cover page open, you will add a layer so that you can place your drop down menu on the top of your picture. Withe the Layout tab selected click Draw AP Div icon:

Layout Tab Insert Layer

Draw out a small box where you will put your drop down menu:

Inserted Layer

Center your cursor so that when you insert your menu it will be centered in the layer by clicking Format > Align > Center:

Align Center

Next, with the Forms tab selected, click the jump menu icon:

Jump Menu

This will open the Jump menu dialog box. For the first menu item you should just type some text like "Select a Month to View From the Drop Down List." Then click the + sign to add another menu item. Type in the work January in the Text area then click the Browse button to navigate to your January web calendar. Click the + sign again and add February to the text are then browse to your February calendar. Continue to add all the monthly calendars to the jump menu. When you have completed them all click the OK button to insert the jump menu to your web page.

Jump Menu