Add Midi File to Play When Page Loads

First you need to download all the midi files to your root folder. The zip file is shown below. Open the zip folder then drag the midi files to your root folder located under your student folder.

Midi Zip File

Once you have all the midi files in your folder open the page you want to embed your sound. Open January calendar and place your cursor to the right of your table. While holding down the Shift key hit the Enter button to place your cursor directly under your table. This is where you will embed the midi file.

In the Common category of the Insert panel, click the Media button and select the Plugin icon from the pop-up menu or select Insert > Media > Plugin.

Insert Plugin

Browse for the audio file and click OK.

Enter the width and height by entering the values in the appropriate text boxes in the Property inspector. These values determine the size at which the audio controls are displayed in the browser. You will set yours to 125 X 32: