Creating an Interactive Calendar in Dreamweaver
Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

Lesson Plan
Grading Rubric

You have been asked to create a 2011 calendar for each month that is interactive and colorful. After completing all 12 pages you will then create a Home page that will display each calendar using a drop down list. You will also include a music file that will play when the page loads. This will be added after all your pages have been created. An example of a calendar can be viewed by clicking the link below. Just click on the June Calendar link to open the page. Your titles for each calendar (January, February, March, etc.) will created in Fireworks. Most important the pages need to have a similar look to them, example the names of the month should appear with the same font and size with the same filters added. This will make your calendar pages look uniform. You will also need to find cute gifs to include in the calendar. The interactive component will be the holidays that appear for that month. For example in January there is New Years Day and Martin Luther King Holiday. You will create a link to external web page that informs students about that particular holiday. It will open in a new window, allowing the viewer to remain on the calendar page. To see a list of 2011 holidays click here.

June Calendar Example

Create a Folder In Your Student Folder and Define Your Site in Dreamweaver
Start and Save New Document
Insert a Table with Center Alignment and Give Page a Title
Insert Dates Into Calendar with Right Alignment
Format Table Height and Text Alignment
Enter Holidays and Add Hyperlink
Add Holiday Themed Graphics to Your Blank Cells
Create a Animated Title Graphic in Fireworks
Create a Cover Page for Your Calendars
Add Drop Down Menu to Cover Page
Add Home Buttons to Your Calendar Pages That Return to Your Cover Page
Add Midi File to Play When Page Loads

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