Enter Holidays and Add Hyperlink

You will need to revisit the calendar online to see what holidays lie in the month of January. Here is the calendar copied from that page:

January Calendar

Notice that January 1st is New Years Day and January 17th is Martin Luther King Day. You first need to find a page that lets the viewer know why we celebrate these holidays. You will have two Internet pages, one for New Years Day and one for Martin Luther King Day. Click in the cell that represents January 1st. Place your cursor after the number 1 and hit the enter key. You want your text to appear to the left of the cell so click Format > Align Left. Now type in the holiday name "New Years Day." Do the same for Martin Luther King Day. Your calendar should now look like this:

Holidays Entered

Enter Hyperlinks That Open in a New Window:

Now you will need to hyperlink your text to the web page that contains the information on the holiday. First open the page you want to hyperlink to in a web browser. Click in the url sections of the web page and drag across the text to select it. Copy it (Edit > Copy).


Drag your cursor over the holiday text in the calendar Select Text then place your cursor in the Link text box and past the url into the link text box.

Paste Link

Open the Link in a New Window:

Now you want the link to open in a new window allowing the viewer to stay on the calendar page while viewing the holiday information web page. With the holiday text still selected Select Text on the Properties palette select _blank from the drop down menu:

Target Blank

Continue adding hyperlinks to all your holidays. Make sure they open in a new window!