Format Table Height and Text Alignment

Format Row Height:

Next you will need to make the column width taller so that you can enter data into each cell. Click anywhere in column one (the column for Sunday). At the bottom of the table click the green arrow and click Select Column.

Select Coluumn

At the table height text box type in 75 then click the enter key to apply the setting.

Table Height

Your table should now look like this:

Table with Height Set

Format Days of the Week Row to Original Setting:

You need to reset the row that includes the days of the week back to how it was before we set the height to 75. Select the row that contains the days of the week. Notice the red box around the row indicating that it is selected:

Row Selected

On the Properties panel set the height back to 0:

Table Height

Set Your Numbers to the Upper Right Corner of the Cell:

You want your numbers that represents the date to appear in the upper right hand corner of the cell. Choose all the cells that contain the dates and then on the Properties palette set the Horizontal Setting to Right and Vertical Setting to Top:

Text Alignment

Your table should now look like this: