Insert a Table Center Aligned and Give Page a Title

At the new document the first thing you will need to do is give it a title! At the Title Text Box type in a title for your page (Example: January Calendar).

January Calendar

Next you want to plan out the number of rows and columns you will need for your table. Lets go back to the 2011 calendar page to look at the calendar. I have it shown below:

January Calendar

I will need a row with the title January 2011, another row for the days of the week, and 6 more rows for the calendar dates. For the columns I will need 7. So you will need 8 rows and 7 columns.

Insert the Table:

Click Insert on the standard toolbar and select table:

Insert Table

At the insert tables dialog box type 8 for the number of rows and 7 for the number of columns. It is also a good idea to set the table width at this time. I input 780 pixels as my table width. This can be changed at a later time but you will start out with this to get started.

Table Settings

Center Align the Table:

With the table selected choose center from the alignment drop down:

Table Aligned to Center

Merge Top Row Cells:

Select all the cells in the first row by dragging over the them and then select Modify then Table then Merge Cells. This will merge all the cells in the top row into one single cell.

Merge Cells

Enter Days of the Week in Row Two and Bold and Center Align:

Click in row one column one and Type Sunday, and continue typing the days of the week across the columns:

Days Entered

To center align and bold text drag over the text to select it then click Bold on the Properties and panel then click Format on the standard toolbar and select Align > Center:

Align Center

Your days of the week should now appear bold and center aligned:

Days of Week

Set Column Width to 16%:

Now you need to make sure that all the columns are the same size. click in the cell the contains the word Sunday and on the Properties panel type 16% (16 X 7 = 112) which is close to 100%. Hit the enter key to set the width of the column. Do this to every cell that contains a day of the week. This will set the column width for the whole table.

Cell Width