Creating Pictographs in Excel

For this activity you will be creating a pie and a bar graph with pictures. The picture files can be downloaded below. Click on the link and select open to open the zip file. You will need to have your student file open (Start > My Computer > Go up to the Desktop and double click on your student folder). You will then drag the picture files to your student files which will be needed for this activity.

M & M Pictures for Graphs

Input Data
Create a 3D Pie Chart
Create a 3D Bar Graph

Input Data:

Open Microsoft Excel.

Type in the following information in the correct cells shown below:


Now we are going to create two graphs, a pie graph and a bar graph.

Create a 3D Pie Graph:

Select all the data in cells A2 through A6. Hold down your Ctrl key and select the data in cells B2 through B6.

Select Both Data How To

Click the Insert tab and select Pie Chart:

Insert Pie Chart

Your Pie Chart should now appear in your worksheet.

Pie Chart

Click on one section of the chart and it will select the whole chart then click once more to select the one piece. Blue dots should now appear just around the selected piece. I choose the Blue M & M sections first:

Pie Chart Selection

Right click on top of the selection and select format data point:

Format Data Point

Click on the Fill selection. click the Picture or texture fill radio button, then click the file button to navigate to the folder where your pictures were saved earlier.

Select Picture

Select the Blue Character then click the Insert button.


Now you will see that the blue m & m now appears in the chart.

Picture in Chart

Use the Offset area to place the picture more accurately on section. The How To Video below shows how to apply three of the five pictures to the pie. You will need to add the last two pictures complete the pie graph.

Placing a Picture on a Pie Section in a Graph How to Video

First you will rename Sheet 1 Data and Sheet 2 Pie Chart. Double click Sheet 1 Tab and type Data then double click Sheet 2 and rename it Pie Chart. At this point you can go ahead and rename the third tab Bar Graph so that it will be ready for the Bar Graph activity.

Renaming Sheets How to Video

Now you will move your pie chart in the Sheet titled Pie Chart. Click on the chart and then right click and select move chart:

Move Chart

From the Move Chart dialog box select Pie Chart:

Move Chart

Move Chart to Another Sheet How to Video

Add WordArt to Your Pie Chart by selecting the Insert tab and clicking WordArt.

Inserting WordArt How To Video

Create a 3D Bar Graph:

Return to the Data Sheet and select both sets of data again by holding down the Ctrl key. Click the Insert tab and select Column and select the 3-D Cluster Column shown below:

Insert Column

Enlarge your chart and then just as you did with your pie chart format each column by clicking once to select all data and once more to select the single column. Right Click Format data point and select fill then picture. Navigate to your student folder and select the colored m & m that corresponds with the data. Select Stack with 1 unit. See the How to Video below:

How to Add Pictures to Column Chart

Add a Cute M & M Picture to the Background:

Click on the link below to download the picture you will use to fill the chart background:

Background Image File

Click on the chart to select and watch the How to video to insert the graphic on the chart background.

How to insert a Background on a Chart Area

Move your chart to the Sheet titled Bar Graph and Insert a Chart title by clicking Layout and selecting Chart Title. Type in your title then save your Excel Worksheet.:

Chart Title

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