Create Posters in Excel

For this activity you will create a poster advertising a book you have read. Below are examples of book posters for you to use as examples. You will need to include both the title and author on the poster as well as graphics that tell the story of the book.

Harry Potter Treasure Island Wizard of Ox

Open Excel. At a new document window choose blank document.

You will need to format the page setup so that it will print out four pages that you will then glue together to make a large poster. With the Page Layout tab selected click the arrow on the Page Setup area to open the Page Setup dialog box. In the scaling area Adjust the size from 100% to 200%.

Page Layout

Then click the Margins tab and change the top, bottom, left, and right margins to .5. Set the Headers and Footers to 0::


Click OK to set the page and margin settings.

Set your zoom to 50%. This is found at the bottom right hand side of your document window:

View 50%

Each square represents an 8 X 11 inch page.

Four Pages

Setting up the Page How to Video

Use WordArt for your title and author name. Include a small text box with your name as the creator.

Inserting WordArt and a Text Box to Your Poster How to Video

You can use clipart or pictures you have saved from the Internet to tell the story of your book.

Insert Clipart to Your Poster How to Video

The last thing you will do is format the background of your poster and add a border. You will use a shape with fill set to a transparency percentage and your fill outline will be your border. When you are done select the Office button and select Print then Print Preview to see how all of your four pages will appear when they print. Submit them for grading. Your instructor will print them out and you will them paste them together to create the poster. Your instructor will them laminate them for viewing in the administration and media center.

Add Background and a Border How to Video

Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues