Utterly Outrageous Cuisine Lesson Plan
Author: Patricia Janann Nicholson
Curriculum Area: Instructional Technology
Subject Area: Information Design (Web I)
Sunshine State Standard Benchmark:
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the role of the computer in information design.
  • Understand the synthesis of design and technology in the publishing of information electronically in a Web environment.
  • Incorporate visual, information, and programming design into the creation of a Web site.
  • Demonstrate the ability to design the Web site, pages, and graphics using good layout, clean design, and smart choice of color.
  • Understand the technology required to implement a well-designed system of text and graphics that allows the user to navigate with ease.
  • Chart content and workflow to determine site organization and plan site structure.
  • Control the multimedia enhancements of interactivity, audio, moving images (animation or video) and content on demand.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and work with editable text and artwork to be used on the
  • World Wide Web.
  • Develop an understanding of copyright and its importance in protecting original creative work.
  • Analyze information design for its effectiveness.


Grade Level: 9th-12th
Lesson Title: Utterly Outrageous Cuisine/An Adventure in Exotic Food/Putting it all Together
Resources: Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues:
Learning Objective:

Students will:

  • Read and follow online directions which will result in a completed frames Webpage entitled "Utterly Outrageous Cuisine/An Adventure in Exotic Food."
  • Create a Three Frames Web page that include six pages that load when you enter the site (home, appetizers, beverages, entrees, desserts, and an interactive form).
  • Create a Two Frames Web page using the Three Frames page that include a jump menu that will load the six pages (home, appetizers, beverages, entrees, desserts, form).
  • Include a Javascript StartForm() function (inserted into the Notepad Text editor) that will:
    • display the days special.
    • display a different dish for each day of the week.
    • retrieve the current date information and save it as a variable named WeekDay.
  • Create an Online Form that displays the food in each category and customer information.
  • Create JavaScripts that:
    • Display a welcome message on the status bar.
    • Last day page was updated.
  • Create a Flash Movie that represents the companies theme.
  • Create Buttons and Logo in Fireworks that complement the color theme of the page.
Instructions: Students will follow the instructions provided at Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues Webpage. Finished products are included in the grading rubric listed below.
Assessment Outrageous Cuisine Grading Rubric