Utterly Outrageous Cuisine/An Adventure in Exotic Food
Lesson Plan
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1. Web Master Mission 2. Creating the Frames Page
3. Creating Four Additional Pages 4. Create the Forms Web Page
5. JavaScript Function and Arrays 6. JavaScript that Displays Daily Specials
7.Centering the Daily Specials 8. Changing the Three Frames WebPage to a Two Frames Webpage
9. Inserting the Jump Menu 10. Create a Flash Move For Your Home Page
Add the following elements to your page:
Welcome message on the status bar.
Java Script indicating when the page was last updated just under the flash movie.

Web Master Mission
Lesson Plan

You have been asked by a gourmet restaurant that caters to people with the squeamish of taste to create a web site that showcase a menu of their exotic food. They want to list the food in four categories:

  • Appetizers
  • Entries/Main Course
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

You will create the menu using provided web pages. These pages contain the exotic foods you will use on each page. Each category should include at least 5 items for each. You will also provide a description of the dish, along with the price of each item. Each link for each category (that will be displayed on a separate Web page) will load in the main window like the activity you completed with Haunted Hideaways. Remember, you must assign a name to each Webpage in your Frames Skeleton page. There will be four separate URL links, one for each of the above categories. At the end of this activity, you will insert a JavaScript that will display the special for each day, along with its description.

You will also include a form that customers can fill out to order these items on line. This would be set up the same as the Devilish Delights activity in your Informational Design class (Web I). This would be an additional page, making five external pages instead of four.

Create an additional page, making six external links, that is in the form of a floating frame that will contain contact information. If you need a refresher on this activity, refer to the floating frames activity in Haunted Hideaways.

You will be given instructions on each and every step you will take in order to finish this assignment. Just follow the steps described in the table below.

For purposes of this activity you will come up with the obnoxious foods represented on the menu. Web sites will be provided in order to find the foods you will use for this activity. The yuckier, the better!!!

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